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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges vary from seller to seller, from free to weightr based. Please check the delivery tab on the product you wish to find out about or contact the seller.

Which payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards and debit card are accepted, including e-wallets like paypal and apply pay.

How long will delivery take?

Typically delivery will take on average 2-3 days depending on location and courier, please refer to the seller shipping terms and conditions for product specific delivery details.

How secure is shopping on eRaffs? Is my data protected?

eRaffs is very secure by using various technologies like SSL encryption and 3D Secure payments to ensure every transaction is secure.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Depending on the product you have purchased:

  • Buy now product from one of the sellers, the product will be shipped by the deadline the seller has stated in their terms and conditions.
  • Auction product will be dealt with in the same fashion as the buy now product if you are the winner of the auction.
  • Raffle product is a ticket based product and the draw will be drawn once the parameters of the draw have been met e.g. all tickets sold. Once a draw has been finished our automated random generator will then pick a winner. The winner will then receive the product in the time specified in the seller terms and conditions. 
What if my order has not arrived?

If you order has not arrived within the specified time the seller has stated then you may raise a dispute with the seller, to rectify the issue. If you and the seller cant come to a resolution the case can be raised with ourselves who review and confirm a refund.

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