Prohibited Items

eRaff Terms & Conditions

Before publishing your competition, please make sure that the prizes are allowed on eRaffs and find out if there are specific rules and conditions on how they should be listed. 

These items may not be offered on eRaffs platform: 


Firearms, ammunition, as well as other items including but not limited to firearms, disguised, detectable or Switchblade knives, martial arts weapons, silencers, ammunition, weapons and tear gas. 

Pyrotechnic devices and hazardous materials 

Fireworks and any related products. Toxic, flammable and radioactive materials and substances, gunpowder and explosives 

Pornographic material and services 

  • Pornography and Escort or dating services. 
  • Pornographic material involving minors, or any content that may be construed as paedophilia. 

Drugs and Para pharmaceutical compounds 

Controlled substances, drugs, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, including psychoactive and plant-based drugs, such as salvia and magic mushrooms, as well as any materials for promoting their use. Legal substances, such as plants or herbs, which if ingested, inhaled, extracted or otherwise used give a compound producing the same effects as of an illegal drug. 

Gaming / gambling 

Lotteries, sports betting non-legitimately licensed, participations-register in direct game connection, as well as any other related content. 

E-money Products and services 

E-money Cards as well as any other related products & services. 

Financial Services and payments instruments 

i.e., indicatively but not limited to Crowd funding services, trading of Bitcoins etc. 

Precious materials 

Massive sale of rare or precious metals or stones 

Prescription drugs and medical devices 

Medicines or other products requiring prescription by an authorized physician or veterinarian. Medical devices requiring special license for their distribution. Drugs tested as aids. 

Miraculous treatments 

Unfounded treatments or other items as easy solutions for health 

Mass marketing tools 

E-mail lists, software or other products permitting unsolicited e-mail messages (spam) 

Animals & Plant Seeds 

Animal parts, blood or fluids and toxic weeds. Any seeds of plants or other organisms are prohibited (including derivatives endangered or protected by law) 

Copyright and software 

Copies of books, music, films and any other non-licensed material, including copies unauthorized copies of software, videogames and more. 

Counterfeit goods or imitations 

Copies or imitations of a designer goods and items. Uncertified celebrity autographs. Fake copies, coins, stamps, tickets and more. 

Devices or techniques for circumvention of the technical protection measures 

Mod chips or other devices for circumvention of the technical protection measures for digital devices, as well as for the unlocking of iPhones 

Financial or other products, services, securities and mortgage-backed securities 

Investments, refinancing or transfer of non-collectible debt, stock market disbursements, payment orders, traveller’s checks, stocks, bonds or other related financial products, securities, shares of collective investment associations, credit services, services regulated or prohibited according to the applicable laws. 

Government IDs, documents or uniforms 

Government IDs, passports, diplomas, titles of nobility, as well as uniforms 

Hacking and Cracking materials 

Manuals, guides, information or equipment violating the laws impairing or permitting unauthorized access to software, servers, web pages or other protected items. 

Human Parts 

Organs or other parts of the human body, body fluids, stem cells, embryos 

Stolen goods 

Materials, products or information for the promotion of illegal goods or illegal acts, movement of goods that they do not own or for which they have no power of sale, as well as products produced in violation of any rights of third parties. Contraband goods and motor vehicles subject to transfer restrictions, goods listed in public registers (such as real property), the transfer of which requires formalities that may not be completed, from a legal aspect, online. 

Illegal telecommunications equipment 

The aids intended for the acquisition of cable and satellite signals for free. The cable descramblers and black boxes, access cards, smart access cards and unloopers, illegal tools or products for modification of mobile phones and other devices, deemed illegal by the competent regulatory authorities of the country where such goods are offered for sale 

Multi-level marketing and wealth creation programs 

Multi-level marketing (including online payment randomizers), matrix, pyramid and Ponzi schemes, wealth creation programs, as well as all similar programs. 

Offensive goods 

  • Goods, literature, products or other materials that: 
  • Defame or slander any person or groups of people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender or other factors. 
  • Defame or slander any person or groups of people protected against defamation or slander by the applicable legislation Encourage or incite violent acts. 
  • Promote bigotry and hatred. 
  • Encourage or support participation in terrorist groups or other organizations prohibited by law. 
  • Promote revisionist theories prohibited by the applicable legislation. 
  • Violate accepted principles of morality. 


Photographs, images or items, such as personal belongings, associated with criminals or criminal acts. 

Adjustable goods 

Airbags and batteries containing mercury, freon or similar substances of cooling, chemical and industrial solvents. Medical procedures. Vehicle titles, vehicle number plates, police badges, medical devices, pesticides and insecticides, and more 

Protected cultural items and works of art 

Material covered by the 1970 Convention of UNESCO on prohibition and prevention of illicit import, export and transfer of ownership upon cultural property, as well as of any other relevant good, the sale, export or transport of which is restricted by law. Artefacts cave formations (speleothems, stalactites, stalagmites etc.) and tombs related to items protected by national and federal laws. 

Traffic devices 

Radar jammers, signs, traffic signal converters and related products 

Academic papers and test-taking services 

Dissertations and academic papers. Offers for test-taking services. 

Reporting policy breaches 

If you see a competition that breaches eRaffs policies, please report it by clicking the Report link on the competition, or by emailing us. When a policy breach occurs, we email the host and the entrants to let them know that the competition has been removed from eRaffs. All entrants that have purchased tickets for the raffle will have their accounts credited.